New SBSC Partner Area Lead (or PAL) for Australia

The SBSC Partner Area Lead (or PAL) is a role that has been occupied by Hilton Travis of Quark IT during FY09.  I would like to thank Hilton for all the work he has done over the past 12 months.  Normally the PAL has been nominated by Microsoft.  This year we asked you to nominate who you would like to represent you in this key role. 

The votes are in and you have nominated Keira McIntosh of Directions IT to take on this role - for FY10. 

Keira, and her husband Lachlan, run Directions IT – a Brisbane based, small business focused organisation providing platform infrastructure and custom development services.  Keira has done MCP exams but primarily she is sales/business focussed. In Keira’s words “We specialise in working with small to medium businesses to utilise IT to grow their business, increase productivity and improve the lifestyle of business owners. My role focuses on developing marketing that gets results and educates business owners about the advantages of utilising technology in their business.”

Congratulations Keira.