NEW video series: Xceptional Execution - Skills for Selling Successfully



This month we are launching a new and captivating video series with Kevin Kelly, who is a renowned motivational speaker, published author, and sales record-breaker. This series is targeted to help you deepen your sales skills and drive revenue. Please forward this to others within your organisation.

First Video will be posted on March 19 at 12pm AEST!

The video series will be made available via the Office 365 Partner Yammer group. You will have the opportunity to view the monthly recorded video, then engage with Kevin directly on the yammer group.

Series includes:

  • March 19th – The Power of Quality Attention
  • April 16th – Leadership in a Time of Change
  • May 21st – A Learning Mindset Isn’t Enough
  • June 26th – Dream, then DO!

Check it out!  Xceptional Execution series overview