No Better Time

What do Fish, Greyhounds, Bubble Boy and Master Chief from Halo have in common?

These four ingredients mixed into the witches brew will turn your business into a trumped up Rambo, trumped in the sense that your business won’t need to rely solely on brawn.

Microsoft have a ‘No Better Time’ campaign, which is aimed at helping you upgrade your customers to Office Project 2007 and Office Visio 2007. These two programs will help make your customers businesses smarter (like eating fish does), leaner (like a greyhound) and safer (like Bubble Boy) and will provide them with all the weapons that will enable them to defeat all obstacles (like Master Chief).

The ‘No Better Time’ campaign has the value add of enabling your customers to receive up to 20% off the cost of these two products:



This offer is only available until December 31, 2009 so act quick!

The ‘No Better Time’ campaign enables you to place a multitude of prospective customers of Project 2007 or Visio 2007 between the proverbial crosshairs:

· Customers looking for reduced upfront costs whilst wanting the latest technology

· Customers with an expiring annuity agreement this month

· Customers who have made previous purchases of Project or Visio volume licenses.

You will be able to re-engage with these customers armed with a up to 20% off incentive and a list of sales resources to help close the deal.

•  One Sheet – To enable the sales person to lead the conversation with customers. Then follow up with Great Reasons sheet. This can be useful for Partner events, conferences, sales calls, leave behinds, mailings, etc.

•  Great Reasons – To enable customers to have a quick look at the top benefits of upgrading to Office Project 2007 or Office Visio 2007. This includes customer references and provides specific benefits that resonate with customers. These are in a great format for posting on your website, too.

•  Email Template – The perfect quick response tool. This includes all the customer-related information regarding the Office Project 2007 and Office Visio 2007 offer, as well as top-line benefits of both products.

•  Sales PPT Presentation – Use this presentation when engaging with the customer 1:1.

•  Demos & Case Studies – Customer evidence to help support claims and offer examples that resonate with customers. Always make sure that you have a few handy to use as references when needed.

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Happy Festivities,

Arron Child