Off and Racing: Marketing hacks to the best marketing content on the Microsoft Partner Network

Microsoft Partner Network is home to a truck load of content and resources - save time writing copy, designing artwork from scratch and leverage pre made copy blocks, web graphics & marketing assets available for all Partners within the network. 

These resources are intended to support Microsoft Partners in customer marketing and sales activities, the modular content was created for easy inclusion in customer-facing materials, such as websites and sales collateral.

In order to access this information you must be signed up as a member of the Microsoft Partner Network. Read this blog to sign up or associate yourself.

The Microsoft Marketing resources in MPN can be a little overwhelming due to the sheer amount of content readily available, I have compiled a few of my hacks from working in the partner community;

My Hacks for navigating Marketing content in the Microsoft Partner Network

  • Make time to explore: For all roles responsible for updating customer facing content aligned to Microsoft, add a calendar item in your diary for 1 hr a month to explore the latest content available, this hour will save you hours trying to build something from scratch.
  • The Do: When leveraging these assets its vital to create a strong call to action to drive the customer to reach out to you directly.
  • Graphics: Design work can be very expensive and have long turnaround times, leverage these assets and ensure it links to a personalised page on your website with further content about your business value proposition.
  • Search Keywords: In the Marketing section  (Homepage- Resources - Marketing),  Use the search bar to find content using keywords (i.e. whitepaper, microsite, newsletter, Office365, Azure).
  • Web Syndication: Looking for no cost options - use web syndication content, it takes less than15 mins to get a Microsoft branded banner/page on your site.
  • Outsourced Marketing: If your marketing is outsourced to an agency, get them to also sign up under your Partner organisation so that they can source content from the site.

The Marketing site has Sales Tools, Partner Readiness, Marketing Templates, Event Resources, Marketing Graphics, Video Resources, Digital Marketing, Competitive Resources & Web Syndication. If there are some assets you need, let us know via the Australia Yammer community, we are always keen to improve/add assets to help support you.

Featured Content Now Available 

  • ModernBiz content is intended for Business Decision Maker (BDM) in Small & Midsize Businesses, it also includes Social Media copy blocks, email copy and Brochure copy.
  • Internet of Things content contains thought leadership articles