Place matters. Culture matters. Experimentation matters. Three key ingredients for promoting innovation in Australia

In 2014, we launched Joined-Up Innovation: Making the right connections across Australia’s innovation ecosystem to support our future growth and international competitiveness. That report looked at the elements that make up Australia’s innovation ecosystem including researchers, start-ups, larger businesses, investors and governments. However, it also found many of these groups were operating in silos so there was a need to create better connections between them to support high-growth start-ups and other innovative ventures.

In early 2015, we published a second study focusing specifically on the cultural side of innovation in Australia. We found that culture matters. Specifically, businesses are more likely to innovate if they are consciously committed to trying new things, have dynamic or flat internal structures, and if they encourage employees to take risks rather than fear failure.

This latest edition of our research takes us to the United States to learn from one of the world’s innovation hotspots: Boston. What is it about that part of the world that has so consistently generated breakthrough advances in information technology, life sciences, robotics and other fields? How has the state of Massachusetts turned its economy around since the 2008 recession and addressed the decline of its traditional manufacturing sector?

With the Australian economy in transition after the mining boom, digital disruption creating waves and across the nation and technology opening up new ways to run our cities and businesses, innovation is a hot topic for our government and enterprise customers alike. This report focuses on what Australia can learn from the city of Boston and its success in building an innovation-based economy.

If you have customers keen to;

  • Reinvent their economies or businesses through innovation
  • Create opportunities for young people and others
  • Engage with citizens and customers
  • Connect the relationship between education, culture and innovation.

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