SELLING WINDOWS SERVER 2012 IN SMB – February 19, 2013 Webcast

Windows Server 2012 provides more than 200 new features and enhancements that deliver unparalleled value to your customers. The enhancements and new features span multiple areas like Server Virtualization, Networking, Remote Access, Identity and Security, Storage, Server Management and Web/Application Platform. Windows Server 2012 enables SMB customers to confidently leverage the revolutionary features which were not available to SMB customers before with the affordable pricing. Windows Server 2012 is designed to help companies get the most out of existing resources, help ensure continuous availability, and reduce the overall complexity of their virtual and physical IT environment so that they can focus on what matters most: proactively growing their business.

With the recent announcement of Small Business Server (SBS) End of Life, learn about the transition scenarios, and the great revenue opportunity for partners serving SMB customers. This 45-minute live webcast on the 19th February 2013, provides you with everything you need to know and gives you an opportunity to ask questions.

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