SQL Server 2017 Practice Enablement Training




SQL Server 2017 represents a major step towards making SQL Server a platform that gives you choices of development languages, data types, on-premises or cloud, and operating systems by bringing the power of SQL Server to Linux, Linux-based Docker containers, and Windows. During this two-day boot camp, you’ll learn about these changes, along with T-SQL and tooling enhancements, Reporting Services and Power BI enhancements, the introduction of Machine Learning Services, and a number of Analysis Services and Integration Services enhancements. Day 1 is focused on DBA and developer topics. Day 2 is focused on Business Intelligence.


Day 1: DBA / Developer

  • Database Engine Enhancements
  • Linux Support and High Availability Enhancements
  • Development Enhancements (T-SQL & Tooling)
  • Processing Hierarchies Using Graph Extensions

Day 2: Business Intelligence

  • Reporting Services and Power BI Report Server
  • Analysis Services Enhancements
  • Machine Learning Services (Python, R) and Neural Network Models
  • Integration Services Enhancements and Scale-out

Cost: The registration fee for attending this training is $399 per person.

Who Should Attend: The primary audience for this course is IT Professionals who want to become skilled on SQL Server 2017 product features and technologies for implementing a database. The secondary audiences for this course are individuals who are developers from other product platforms or previous versions of SQL Server looking to become skilled in the implementation of a SQL Server 2017 database.

Where and When:

  • Sydney 28th – 29th September 2017
  • Melbourne 2nd – 3rd October 2017
  • Brisbane 11th – 12th October 2017


Get to know our Microsoft Certified Trainer:  Greg Low | CEO | SQL Down Under

Greg Low is one of the better-known database consultants in the world. In addition to deep technical skills, he has experience with business and project management and is known for his pragmatic approach to solving issues. His skill levels at dealing with complex situations and his intricate knowledge of the industry has seen him cut through difficult problems and situations in both large tier-1 and small organisations.  Greg leads a boutique consultancy firm called SQL Down Under. Greg is a long-term Data Platform MVP and considered one of the foremost consultants in the world on that platform.