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Developing a profitable cloud practice won't happen overnight, for many existing Partners it involves a significant rethink of how they structure their business. But for those that have begun the journey (or those that are already there) - the results can be downright euphoric. With new sales, presales and technical support offerings from the Microsoft Partner Network, there's never been a better time to turn your cloud habit into a full blown cloud addiction.

Microsoft Partner Support Overview



All Microsoft Partners are eligible for support from expert Microsoft consultants for MPN, Sales, Pre-Sales and Technical enquiries. Upgrading to an Action Pack or Competency increases your coverage.


Getting High (in the cloud)

Cloud addicts rejoice - in addition to the options above, Microsoft has released a plethora of offerings to help you; sell, deploy and support your Microsoft public, private and hybrid cloud based solutions. These support offerings can be accessed by redeeming your Partner Advisory Hours (see entitlement by membership level).

  • Sell: We can help you close more deals through partner focused business and technical consultation before your sale is closed
  • Deploy: We can help your staff deploy solutions by providing technical content and advice while you work through the design, development, and deployment phases of a customer solution
  • Support: We can help you build a support practice and resolve technical roadblocks by providing technical and product support if needed


Jacks Picks (top offerings for Azure, Office 365, CRM Online and Hybrid Cloud)

Read on for a few of my personal favourites, see the bottom of the page for links to the full selection.



Win more deals

Take this online workshop to learn how to spin up a test lab or sandbox quickly, and become agile in learning, development, and prototyping

Attend this online workshop to learn how to create cloud project opportunities by proposing Microsoft Office 365 solutions to your small and medium customers. You’ll also gain an understanding of the key tools available for selling and deploying Office 365


Deploy more seats

Consume this offering through 1:1 consultative guidance to receive engagement scenario experience, and architecture topology to deploy the most common usage scenarios

In this Practice Accelerator, you will learn the fundamental deployment principles and processes that lead to repeatable, successful deployments of Office 365 for small and medium business customers

Learn how you can enhance your Microsoft Office 365 deployments by offering your customers an Enterprise Voice solution

Take this online workshop to learn competitive positioning and how to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online into a Microsoft Office 365 portfolio

Participate in this online workshop to modernise your Windows 2003 server. Move into the cloud journey by migrating to Microsoft Azure or Windows Server 2012 R2


Resolve product issues

Learn about a consistent approach to supporting your customers, and reduce time and number of support incidents by having Partner Technical Services provide guidance on building a support practice

Full Listings By Product / Workload


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Join the discussion in the Microsoft Australia Small Business Reseller LinkedIn Group or the Microsoft Australia MPN Yammer Community.

Need Support? Contact the Regional Service Centre on 13 20 58, Options 2,4,1 (Australian partners only) or visit the Partner Support Community.