Ten tips that will lead your business to Pinpoint victory!

When creating your Pinpoint profile, it is extremely important to factor in some key considerations. You need to put yourself in the customers shoes. If you can review your profile and believe that you would contact your business to solve your pressing customer need, then you have just optimised your chance at receiving leads and enhancing your business.

Now it’s time to learn ten extremely pertinent tips to achieve the above statement.

  1. Recognise your audience: You need to adjust your language to suit the customer, not your internal team.
  2. First impressions are important: Opening sentences in your description will be the first thing the customer reads. If the customer can’t see the skills and expertise required, they will look to the next partner in the list.
  3. People scan online: make sure you are clear and concise. Remember, less is more.
  4. Use optimal keywords: Keywords are the most important factor in optimising your search, not only within Pinpoint but also in search engines such as Bing. Use words a customer would use to find you, such as business needs, product names, industry trends and specific industry channels.
  5. Focus on value-driven customer benefits: make sure you provide a compelling offer to your audience.
  6. Use active verbs: Use present tense. For example, ‘we provide’, instead of ‘we have provided’.
  7. Use bullets: enhance your online readability by breaking up information into easy-to-read bullet points.
  8. Avoid jargon: use simple and descriptive everyday language.
  9. Avoid ‘clever’ or made up names: name your offering for what it does.
  10. Keep your profile current: update your profile regularly ensuring it includes your latest offers.

By following these ten simple steps, you can ensure your profile is optimised and let Pinpoint work for you.

Check out some more helpful resources here and feel free to contact me at t-katera@microsoft.com for all you Pinpoint related matters.