The Office 365 Partner Administration Center

The Partner Admin Center is available to all partners who have their own Office 365 Tenant as well as one of the following:

  • MPN member with a signed MOSPA (Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement)
  • Microsoft Action Pack Subscription
  • Silver or Gold competency
  • Cloud Accelerate or Cloud Deployment Partner

What can partners do with the Partner Admin Center?

The Partner Admin Centre makes it easier and faster to view and administer customers across EA, Open and Direct.  On the highest level, Partners have consistently told us that it’s critical for them to be at the centre of the customer lifecycle. Partners are in the best position to own the relationship with the customer so we’ve invested in three categories of capabilities that address this:

  1. Customer Acquisition. Help Partners “Sell”. This means helping Partners grow their business by giving them the tools to sell to customers and acquire customers.  For example, you can send your customers invitations to trial or purchase and automatically be selected as the partner or record for those customers.
  2. Customer Visibility. Help Partners “See”. This means helping Partners have better visibility and awareness of their customer’s Office 365 environment, including visibility into service health information and subscription information.
  3. Customer Administration. Help Partners “Service”. This means giving Partners simple and flexible admin capabilities, including the ability to perform configuration tasks on behalf of customers and providing access to diagnostic information to help support customers. Examples of Admin tools include the ability to manage customers from within the Partner admin center and configure customers via PowerShell.

To find out more about the Admin Center and how you can make it work for you, click here or check out the video series here with full step by step instructions on how to access the Partner Admin Center.