The Small Business Competency is finally here!


Did you know that small businesses represent 98% of all business entities worldwide? How many small businesses do you serve today? With over 148M small and medium-sized businesses in a $94B worldwide addressable market populated by 350M PCs, now is the time to grow your small business practice.

The Small Business competency is here! If you’re already selling/building with Windows, Office 365, Windows SBS, and Windows Intune, the Small Business competency will be a great extension to your business capabilities. If you already interact with small businesses, continue to grow and mature in this niche marketplace and help your customers migrate to cloud computing with the Small Business competency.

The new competency will enable you to engage effectively in thoughtful, strategic conversations with your customers to help them reduce costs, bring their business online, and efficiently manage their cash flow and sales pipeline.

In addition to the standard competency benefits, you will receive cloud tailored benefits such as internal use software licenses for the latest Microsoft cloud technologies, a customizable competency brand, access to the Small and Medium Business Resource Centre, and prioritised exposure to potential customer connections on the Microsoft Pinpoint and Office 365 marketplaces. Sharpen technical skills and solution expertise, and deliver robust end-to-end solutions to customers.

Special Offer

From June 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012, qualifying partners can receive a one-time promotional offer on the Silver Small Business competency enrolment fee for $1,777 AUD - instead of the standard $2,739 AUD Silver Small Business Competency fee.


  • Partners currently enrolled in a Microsoft Silver or Gold competency, or who have enrolled in a competency within the past 12 months are not eligible for this pricing offer
  • Current MAPs, Action Pack Development and Design members are eligible for this pricing offer
  • Cloud Accelerate partners who choose Small Business competency as their sole Silver competency are eligible for this pricing offer
  • Cloud Essential partners who only earn the Small Business competency are eligible for this pricing offer
  • Small Business Specialist Community (SBSC) members with no other competencies are eligible for this pricing offer

Additional Details

Partners can learn more at the Partner Membership Centre

The Small Business competency combined with Microsoft cloud solutions represents a major revenue opportunity with long-term sustainability. View a list of detailed silver and gold competency requirements and begin today.