New programs & assets on Microsoft 365 Business


Nicolas Charritton
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Microsoft 365


Over the past few months we've seen many of our partners develop new practices and take advantage of the enhanced security and device management capabilities that complement the Office 365 suite in Microsoft 365 Business.

At the same time many of you have asked us to bring more technical readiness resources (e.g. hybrid identity deployment, security), guide your practice development and help you build offers and I'm glad to share with you some new programs, tools and assets to simplify and help you accelerate your Microsoft 365 Business journey.

As usual, I’ve consolidated these assets at so you have everything in one place, but here are some highlights:

  • UPDATED: Microsoft 365 Business landing
    Includes not only all the product information and partner opportunity and but also a new set of assets for Sales (customer pitch decks, product comparison flyers), Marketing (Copy Blocks, Web banners) and Technical (fundamentals video series, deployment guides).
  • NEW: M365 Business Scholarship - The first 100 partners (WW) to sell 300 seats of M365 Business + security offer will win a trip to Greece where they’ll have a tailored readiness experience with the M365 Business experts.
  • NEW: MS Inspire
    Check out the SMB specific sessions from our annual conference where we review FY18 results, discuss the product strategy and make some important announcements.
  • NEW: Partner
    This tool will help you understand our sales plays (Why Cloud?, Teamwork, Security) and build offers around M365 + services + hardware (where applicable) to take to market
  • NEW: M365 Business Technical Fundamentals - > Microsoft 365 Business Tech Fundamentals
    This 15-min video series (made in Australia) will cover different topics to help partners get started or just refresh a few concepts. From Hybrid Identity to Security configurations, Mark O’Shea covers the theory but shows also how its done with demos.

If you are just starting with Microsoft 365 Business, check out this video where I share the product value proposition and April product updates.

Hope you find this useful and please do not hesitate to send your feedback and questions to