Updated Windows 8 Learning Path

The Windows 8 learning path is newly updated with three new videos:

Windows 8 Partner Opportunity - This interview with Erwin Visser, Senior Director, Windows Commercial, and Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, Director, Worldwide Partner Strategy highlights trends in the PC market, the business value of Windows 8 for customers, the wide range of new Windows 8 devices, new partner opportunities for services and application development revenue, and new possibilities to grow your business with Windows 8.

Windows 8 Delivering the CXO Pitch – Get an example of how to have a compelling discussion on the business value of Windows 8 with a customer. Training covers marketplace trends, and how Windows 8 offers a unique value proposition to help customers improve productivity and is business-ready by design.

Windows 8 Licensing Overview – Get a detailed view of licensing scenarios for Windows 8 as well as the different editions that will be available. The course will discuss application usage related to Windows 8 and highlight how businesses can take advantage of the various licensing options.