What does One Commercial Partner (OCP) mean for you as a Partner in Australia.

Microsoft is and always will be an organisation that is founded on its world class partner ecosystem. Ensuring that our customers are supported by a network of experts who deliver solutions that help you thrive in the digitization of business is a strategic priority which we are deeply invested in.

Over the past few weeks you may have also heard that we are investing further in that founding principle, with the creation of a new One Commercial Partner (OCP) organisation aimed at simplifying your engagement with Microsoft, enhancing the support you receive and engaging you deeply to the opportunities we have with our customers. Within the OCP team, you will be able to harness our partner expertise and knowledge across go-to-market programs, technical development, marketing and business development. It’s an organisation whose sole focus is to deliver the engagement that every partner can benefit from, regardless of size, business model or geography.

We have 3 fundamental missions to accelerate your growth as a Microsoft partner:

  • Help you build solutions and business with our “Build With” team.
  • Help you differentiate yourself and connect with customers via our “Go-to-Market” team.
  • Help you win opportunities and support our customers with the “Channel Management” sales team.

What you should expect from each team:


  • The new partner engagement model is focused on your success. Whether you need to build a practice, develop a solution, or level up your capabilities, the build-with team can help.
  • The Build-with motion is about getting the right resource to you at the right time – without limitations based on license, geography, business model, or segment.  
  • A dedicated manager will no longer have their focus split between revenue scorecards, customer demands, and your growth.  The new conversation is all about you: how you define success, how we can build solutions with you, and what we can do to help you realise your goals. 


  • As we work with you to build your business, you'll be able to get specific help on how you go to market.  
  • We're investing in digital tools, content, and programs to support you in the areas you've called out like marketing your offers and solutions. 
  • We’re creating teams of subject matter experts who, as you grow, can engage on an as-needed basis to build your marketing muscle. 


  • You want Microsoft to help connect you with customer opportunities.  
  • While a partner management team will drive individual partner success and growth, we're introducing a new role, the channel manager.  
  • Their responsibility is cultivating the ecosystem capable of supporting customer needs - whether within an industry vertical or a geographic territory.  
  • When there is an opportunity, the channel manager will ensure the right partner solutions are exposed to the customer based on what they need most. 

How to engage and connect with Microsoft locally

In the month of September the OCP leadership team completed a series of briefing sessions, designed to give you a deeper overview of the role each team plays in supporting you, as well as connect you to the tools, people and programs that will support your business and strengthen our partnership. The presentation deck is now available and video recording is available for download.

The One Commercial Partner organisation is the culmination of your feedback. Our core purpose is to continue to deliver the best partnership for your business and to continue to support our customers with the best ecosystem to help embrace their digital transformation. I am thrilled to be a part of this change and to lead a team that is committed to helping your business thrive. I look forward to working with each of you as we bring that ambition to life.

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