Windows 10 In-Person Technical Training this September



With Windows 10 being released, more customers are asking about it and looking to start their proof of concepts so they can evaluate how it can best fit in their organisation. This is a great opportunity for you start engaging with customers to drive project and managed services opportunities.

If you are a Windows deployment partner, we want to help you with this by offering you the opportunity to learn the technical aspects of Windows 10 from Microsoft experts. We will be hosting a three day training in

Here you will learn about topics like how to deploy and manage Windows 10, and the security features you can use to help protect a customer’s data, identity, and devices. You will come away with a better understanding of how Windows is becoming more like a service and how new features will be added over time. After this training you should be able to walk into your customer’s organisation and help them deploy Windows 10.

As part of this event you will have the opportunity to use hands on labs (HOL) to help reinforce the topics discussed. To use the HOL, you will need to bring a laptop that meets the requirements at

If you are interested in attending, please register for this event today . There is limited seating so please act quickly.