WPC 2014 - Get in the game. Get connected. Get focused on what’s to come.


Get in the game. Get connected. Get focused on what’s to come. The modern era is about being open – connected – unified. It’s accelerating growth and adapting to future innovation. Experience the Digital WPC website and the WPC Connect interactive experience online. Connect with partners, prepare for the future, and hear from partners and Microsoft about why WPC is the most important investment for their business. Once you have seen why WPC means so much for partners and how they grow their business, you’ll know that registering for an all-access pass for the early registration price of just US$1,795 is the right decision for your business! Act fast—the price increases January 27. 

WPC 2014 is focused on delivering the power of the cloud, improving business analytics through big data, expanding communication and networks through enterprise social, and revealing enhanced services and advanced devices for a modern active lifestyle. Come to WPC 2014 to learn so much more, including:

* How Microsoft is betting big and why this is the best decision you can make.

* Best practices, business success stories, partners' engagement model, and recommendations.

* How to drive customer service excellence to produce lasting customer satisfaction.

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