Event: Business Intelligence mit Rafal Lukawiecki – 16.04.2010

Ein Ganztags-Event der Sonderklasse erwartet Sie am 16. April 2010 zum Thema “Business Intelligence (BI) with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft Office System 2010”.

  • Datum: 16.04.2010
  • Zeit: 08:30 – 16:30
  • Ort: Microsoft Österreich, Am Euro Platz 3, 1120 Wien

Anmeldung: Business Intelligence Event - 16.04.2010




lukawiecki_rafal[1]Schon allein wegen des Speakers sollten Sie sich diese Veranstaltung nicht entgehen lassen: Rafal Lukawiecki ist als Strategic Consultant bei Project Botticelli Ltd. für die Analyse und Vorhersage von IT-Trends verantwortlich. Als internationaler Speaker hält er seit vielen Jahren Vorträge im IT Umfeld.

IT Manager, Business Intelligence Benutzer, Controller, IT Professionals, und BI Developer in großen und mittleren Unternehmen.

Die Veranstaltung ist bis auf das “Willkommen” vollkommen in Englisch. Hier die Details:

Abstract of the Day:
Improving decision-making and creating better insight into the functioning of a complex organisation is a number one concern of executives. Business Intelligence is consistently rated at the top spot on many IT strategy surveys. Microsoft has built a broad, integrated, easy-to-use, and rich platform for delivering BI which has been updated with the best of data integration and transformation, warehousing, and multidimensional analysis. New for 2010 this platform introduces comprehensive Master Data Management, and it showcases an innovative and powerful self-service mechanism for data analysis called PowerPivot. While likely to appeal to most information workers, PowerPivot together with SharePoint can help administrators simplify the life cycle management of a quickly growing gallery of in-house analytical tools. Microsoft tools and technologies continue to work in the way that you like: Excel-style for the user, Visual Studio-like for a developer, SSMS for database experts, and MMC-like for IT professionals.

We will examine an end-to-end approach to building and delivering a BI solution using the Microsoft BI platform. We will focus on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft Office System 2010, in particular on PowerPivot, SharePoint 2010, and PerformancePoint Services. To make this seminar easier and more pleasant to follow we have structured the first half to focus on the concepts of BI and the knowledge worker and the second half to focus on underlying technologies.

Rafal’s Short Speaker’s Biography: In his role as Strategic Consultant at Project Botticelli Ltd. Rafal is responsible for analysing and forecasting trends in the field of Information Technology. Rafal works closely with consulting companies, large development teams, as well as with investors and their boards of directors. He specialises in several areas: business intelligence, statistics, data mining, security and cryptography, IT architecture, and management of solution delivery. Rafal is a frequent and popular speaker at Microsoft events having presented at prestigious Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer conferences. His ability to explain complex concepts in simplest terms is well known while his uniquely energetic speaking style should keep you engaged no matter how deep the subject may be.



Introductions by Microsoft


Overview of the Day


Session 1: The Big Picture of Business Intelligence: Goals, Concepts, and the Platform

This session will introduce the overall picture of Business Intelligence and will relate the Microsoft BI Platform to it. Fundamental concepts, such as Master Data Management, Data Warehousing, Self-service Analysis, Dimensions, Facts, and Measures will be introduced, too. Technology, stressing the newly released products, will be briefly discussed and the overall road ahead will be outlined.


Session 2: The Knowledge Worker’s Perspective: Self-Service of BI

The most demanded and the fastest growing form of BI is the self-service, personal BI. This session will concentrate on how Office System 2010, in particular SharePoint 2010 and its PerformancePoint Services enable anyone to create and use BI in an organisation. We will also introduce the very new Microsoft PowerPivot stressing how existing Excel skills enable self-service analysis by intermediate and more advanced users. We will also mention other self-service aspects of BI, such as self-service reporting. This session will also discuss the IT Professional challenge of managing the life cycle of a potentially fast, organically growing BI system built by its users.




Session 3: The IT Perspective: Data Warehousing, Management, and Analytical Structures

This session aims to take a look at BI capabilities of the SQL Server 2008 R2. We will introduce Master Data Management and new approaches to massive Data Warehousing. We will look at the way in which SQL Server functions as part of the overall BI Platform. Naturally, the fundamental BI functions of SQL Server, such as Data Integration and OLAP will also be discussed in order to enable all attendees to start planning their BI infrastructure after attending this seminar.


Session 4: The Analyst’s Perspective: Ad-hoc Analysis with Microsoft PowerPivot and Office 2010 Excel

Returning to the key theme of this seminar, the self-service nature of BI, we will dive deeper into the most exciting of the recent additions to the Microsoft BI platform, the Microsoft PowerPivot. We will look at the ways in which an analyst can use their existing knowledge of Excel to perform advanced analysis of large data sets, including their acquisition and later publication. Briefly, we will introduce a new language for analysis known as DAX which can help more advanced users create powerful analytical applications all inside Excel and PowerPivot. Finally, we will review the existing Data Mining technologies of SQL Server 2008 R2 thus completing the day’s thorough journey through the Microsoft BI Platform.


Summary: Microsoft BI for Your Enterprise




Anmeldung: Business Intelligence Event - 16.04.2010

Kleine private Notiz: Werde auch dort sein, Rafal Vorträge sind meist (unabhängig vom Thema) besonders gut, weil ,einer Meinung nach der Mix von Information, Infotainment und Realitätsbezug von ihm richtig gewählt wird. Und ganz offen und ehrlich: das Thema ist natürlich auch ok :)

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