Announcing Microsoft TechEd India 2012, March 21-23 | Bengaluru…Registration Begins !!!

To All IT Professionals, Developers, Architects,image

Announcing Microsoft TechEd India 2012, March 21-23 | Bengaluru. Visit & REGISTER NOW

All tech. All talk. All think. All three days.

Microsoft TechEd India is back in Bengaluru creating ripples of thought across thousands of techies innovating for the future.

If you are passionate about technology, join us at TechEd India between March 21 and 23, 2012, as we network and cross-pollinate ideas on tools, technologies, services and platforms at the biggest tech event of the year.

You can meet Microsoft experts,business partners and peers.
You can share knowledge, pure techxcitement and geek jokes.
You can spark off the next round of deep-dive dialog.
You can download our event archives in case you can't make it. You can't, however, download the experience.

Over the next few weeks we will update you about the Technology we will cover during TechEd India 2012 & some of the best speakers presenting during this event.

Look forward for more update on my blog as we start the countdown for Microsoft TechEd India 2012.

Below is the list of events we have organized in the recent past. The recordings and presentations of these sessions are now available for download.

REGISTER NOW for Microsoft TechEd India 2012.

Please note: TechEd India 2012 is a paid event.

Thank You.

UPDATE: We are going to run a series of blog posts around Microsoft TechEd India 2012. If you have any questions/queries feel free to reach out to me on & twitter @aviraj111