ImageResizer for Windows XP & Windows Vista/Windows 7 (both 32-bit/64-bit)

These days everybody has digital camera with high resolution. Typically users click hi res with image sizes ranging from 2 MB to 10 MB depending upon the Megapixels supported by the Camera.

Many of them use these for sharing with their friends and families. Often users try to mail these pictures over the email or instant messenger by zipping them but it does not help much. Approximately a 5 MB images will be compressed to up to 4 or 4.5 MB but that is also the very high size per image sending via email or messenger. Sometimes we use our trustful Microsoft Paint application for resizing images, which is cool but again for a single or couple of images it is ok to open up the image and to “Save As” Well imagine what if you have around 20 30 40 50 100+ images for resizing. Then it is a painful task for doing manual resizing.

So, this is a problem that many of us must be facing in a day to day life as we click lot of pictures and share it across the web.

What’s the solution?

Well, the solution is to use a Image Resizer tool that we would talk about. An easy to use tool for resizing multiple images within few seconds. We are talking about ImageResizer PowerToy that was available for Windows XP and folks at CodePlex re-written the same application in C++ for Windows Vista & Windows 7 including support for 64-Bit version of Windows.

DOWNLOAD LOCATIONS. These tools are freely available :)

ImageResizer for Windows XP Download ImageResizer.exe

ImageResizer for Windows Vista/Windows 7 Download ImageResizer-2.1_x86

ImageResizer for Windows Vista/Windows 7 (FOR 64-Bit) Download ImageResizer-2.1_x64


For original CodePlex Project visit

For Detailed Documentation visit

How to use Image Resizer in Windows Vista & Windows 7. (Note: Same way you can resize the images in Windows XP)

Step 1: Just right click on a single image or multiple images.



Step 2: Select the required size typically Medium or Large or you can even select Custom size by entering the required resolution.


Step 3: Once selected size you can click on the above option like “Resize the original pictures” This will not create the copies of the resized low res pictures but instead resize the original pictures.



Click on OK and you will get the resized images in the same folder.



So we have taken an example image for resizing. Compare the following 2 images and see the difference.

Original Image Size: 5.05 MB Download

Resized Image Size: 116 KB Download

Now you can easily create and share pictures with your friends and families. You can email them quickly or send them over IM. You can also use these small sized images to quickly upload on your favorite Social Media Site such as Facebook, MySpace, Orkut etc.

Happy Imaging :)