Microsoft Office 2010 Beta FAQ

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About Microsoft Office 2010

What are some of the major updates to the Microsoft Office 2010 suites from previous versions?

What products are included in the Office 2010 suites?

What are the Office Web Apps?

Why should I use Office 2010?

What is the Microsoft Office Backstage™ view?

What is the Ribbon?

Can I customize Office 2010 based on how I use the product?

What does co-authoring mean in Office 2010?

Will Office 2010 products be available in 64-bit versions?

What other related products does Office 2010 work with?

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta

When will the Office 2010 Beta be available?

What languages are available for Office 2010 Beta?

What is the approximate download time?

Does the Beta version of Office 2010 expire after certain time?

What is a product key and how do I retrieve it if I lose it?

What happens to my Office Beta applications after the final release?

What happens to my current version of Microsoft Office when I download the Office 2010 Beta?

How do I Download?

What if the download stops or is interrupted before it is complete?

What is activation and how do I get started?

What is Click to Run?

My beta download file size is only 3MB? Is the Office 2010 Beta file size that small?

Does Click to Run install software on my machine?

Can previous versions of Microsoft Office co-exist with the Office 2010 Beta?

How do I uninstall Office 2010 Beta?

Why didn’t I have to enter my Product Key when I installed the Office 2010 Beta?

What should I do if I lose my internet connection while I am downloading the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta?

Why does Microsoft PowerPoint launch once I download the Office 14 Beta?


Microsoft Office 2010 System Requirements & Compatibility

Are there special system requirements for running Office 2010?

Which browsers are supported for the new Office Web Apps?

Can I open previous versions of Microsoft Office files in Office 2010?

Can I open Office 2010 files using previous versions of Microsoft Office?


Using Microsoft Office 2010 Beta

Are there Office 2010 resources and trainings available from Microsoft?

Can I access my files when I am away from my primary computer?

How do I access Office 2010 files from the browser?

How do I access Office 2010 from my phone?

Does Office 2010 have add-ins?


Buying Microsoft Office 2010

When will Office 2010 be available for purchase?

How much will Office 2010 cost?

Is there a Macintosh version of Office 2010?

Are Office Web Apps free? What are the different ways people can get them?


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