Microsoft Office Live Meeting using Internet Explorer 9 Beta

In my previous post I covered how can you access Office Live WorkSpace from Internet Explorer 9 Beta On the similar note I have experienced some of the challenges while connecting to the Live Meeting using Internet Explorer 9 Beta. Last week I was about to attend an internal meeting using Live Meeting and since I was not connecting from Outlook, I copied my Live Meeting Link and pasted it in the browser’s address bar i.e. IE 9 Beta. Instead of opening the RTC file or giving any option to Open/Save, it landed me on the following page. You can see the link in the address bar.


Generally, presenter & attendee links look like this…\<company>/join?id=<Meetind Id>&role=present&pw=<Presenter Entry Code>\<company>/join?id=<Meetind Id>&role=attend&pw=<Attendee Entry Code>


Now, once you see the above image, you can see the Compatibility View button in the RED BOX. Just click onto it, the moment click it will reload the page or you can just press F5.

You will be able to see the Compatibility View button will be highlighted in the image below. When you click on the Compatibility Button in IE 9, it will add site in the Compatibility View Settings. It is available in Tools Menu. Press Alt+T to see the Tools Menu.


Just click on Open and you can join the Live Meeting. From now on when you open copy/paste Live Meeting link in the browser it will directly open up this option to open Launch.rtc file rather than showing previous option.


Over the time you will see lot of improvements in the browser. Do share your feedback with the teams so that we can improve it further.

Have A Happy Meeting.