Text Messages (SMS) Synching with Exchange 2010 and Rule to move Text Messages (SMS) to a folder using Outlook 2010

If you have Exchange 2010, you can leverage synching Text Messages (SMS) with the help of new Outlook Live for Windows Mobile.

Open up this link in your Windows Mobile Web Browser https://update.outlook.com/cabs/OutlookLiveSetup.cab

After installing you will get option to select Text Messages in your ActiveSync Settings.


Now, that we have Outlook 2010 available for our day to day use and since it helps us get the Text Messages (SMS) synched over your Exchange 2010. I was wondering if there was any easy fast way of moving your text messages in a separate folder. By default all the text messages are lying in the Inbox folder and it is painful to move them 1 by 1.

Here is the sample solution rule that could help you move all the Text Messages (SMS) to a separate folder.

Note: This is specific to country code. In this case I am using Country Code for India +91. You may replace it with your Country using Contacts.

Step 1: Create new folder as Text Messages in Mailbox


Step 2: Click on Create Rule…


Step 3: Click on Advanced Options…


Step 4: Select with specific words in the sender’s address. Then click on specific words


Step 5: Type +91 and click on Add button. Then click on OK


Then click on Next


Step 6: Select move it to the specified folder then click on specified.

Select newly created Text Messages folder in Mailbox. Click OK.


The rule will look like this and then click on Next>



Step 7: Click Next and skip the EXCEPT RULES.

Click Next and you will see the following Wizard.


Select Name for the Rule: Text Messages

Select Run this rule now on messages already in “Inbox”

The option Turn on this rule is by default selected.

Click on FINISH.

After clicking FINISH, this will move all the Text Messages starting with +91 numbers will be moved to the Text Messages folder. I could not find the specific type option but this is the effective way for moving the messages.