Want to configure your Server Core Environment using GUI Tools? Presenting Core Configurator 2.0

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CoreConfigTeam is pleased to announce the latest version of Core Configurator built and designed for Windows Server 2008 R2 Core edition!
It is completely open source so it can be amended and change to fit your requirements, this version has been a year in the making and has been written in powershell with a reference to Winforms so that a GUI format is displayed.
The primary focus of this project is to try and get feedback and contributions back from the community to make this a tool the best/ free tool everyone will want in there toolkit, so if you have some code or features that you might want included then please leave a comment and we will get in touch.
Core Configuration tasks include:

  • Product Licensing
  • Networking Features
  • DCPromo Tool
  • ISCSI Settings
  • Server Roles and Features
  • User and Group Permissions
  • Share Creation and Deletion
  • Dynamic Firewall settings
  • Display | Screensaver Settings
  • Add & Remove Drivers
  • Proxy settings
  • Windows Updates (Including WSUS)
  • Multipath I/O
  • Hyper-V including virtual machine thumbnails
  • JoinDomain and Computer rename
  • Add/remove programs
  • Services
  • WinRM
  • Complete logging of all commands executed

This is really useful tool for admins to manage their Server Core based environment. Often we are familiar with the server tools but in cases when everything is based upon commands such tool is really handy for configuring server core based environment.

I personally liked this tool very much for managing server core based environment. I believe you will also have similar experience. Try this tool and share the feedback with the CoreConfigTeam.


Please Download the latest release and run Start_CoreConfig.wsf

If you require the previous release for Windows Server 2008 R1 then please see the download section for Core Configurator 1.1 as Core Configurator 2.0 requires Powershell 2.0 and NetFx..

Get it from http://www.codeplex.com/CoreConfig