Windows Performance Analysis Tools…

If you are using Windows then over the time you face challenges with the system performance. Well, Windows Performance Analysis Tools will help you find the root causes to analysis the performance related problems. Using Windows Performance Analysis Tools you can detect & trace different types of performance related issues in the operating system. The tools are designed to give you detailed information for all sorts of performance related issues.

Windows Performance Toolkit is available as a part of Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7. You can download it over here

Other than that you can use Sysinternals Utilities to detect & improve Windows Performance. Specifically, you can download Process Explorer & Process Monitor to detect & fix performance related issues.

There is another important factor when it comes to Windows Performance, that is Boot Performance. The applications, drivers & services started during the boot time. To see what all runs during your boot process you can use Boot Logging option during Windows Start up by pressing F8. As mentioned Process Monitor  also help you Enable Boot Logging. But the more easy to option is using Sysinternals Autoruns












You can read more about these tools over here