Windows Azure Training Kit November 2010 Update with Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 1.3 for VS2010

Windows Azure Team have released new Windows Azure Training Kit November 2010 Update which includes complete sample/HOL/Demo update with new Cloud Tools 1.3 and a lots of new HOL to learn all the new features. 

Here is what you will get with Windows Azure Training Kit November 2010 Update:


  • All Previous HOL
    • Updated all hands-on labs to use the new Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio November 2010 (version 1.3) release


  • New Hands On Labs
    • Advanced Web and Worker Role:
      • You can learn how to use admin mode and startup tasks
    • Connecting Apps With Windows Azure Connect:
      • This HOL helps you to learn how to use Windows Azure Connected 
    • Virtual Machine Role:
      • Using this HOL you will learn, how to use VM Role by creating and deploying a VHD
    • Windows Azure CDN:
      • Use this HOL to learn for CDN introduction 
    • Introduction to the Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus Futures:
      • If you want to learn how to use the new Service Bus features in the AppFabric labs environment, this is your place to start with
    • Building Windows Azure Apps with Caching Service:
      • This HOL help you to start your development using Windows Azure AppFabric Caching service 
    • Introduction to the AppFabric Access Control Service V2:
      • This HOL shows you how you can build a simple web application that supports multiple identity providers


  • New Azure Portal Hands On Labs
    • Introduction to Windows Azure:
      • Information on Brand New Windows Azure platform Portal
    • Introduction to SQL Azure:
      • updated to use the new SQL Azure platform Portal (Code Name: Houston)

If you prefer to just access the updated training Kit content online please use the link below:

To download the updated November 2010 Training Kit, please use the the link below: