Scenario based implementation using CRP Approach - Part 1

A key consideration of choosing enterprise solution packages like Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM over custom development is to accelerate time-to-value. Organizations are looking for extremely fast concept-to-cash realization cycles which require rapid value driven delivery.

Package solutions offer high percentage of generic industry scenarios out of the box, which can be deployed rapidly to delight customers and realize business value quickly. While more complex and business specific scenarios can get injected later in a phased effort.

Idea in brief: Use Conference Room Pilots (CRP) to model business scenarios starting with ‘Out Of the Box’ solution and progressively refine scenarios through a series of CRP workshops to gain business SME acceptance. Deploy and release the solution to business in rapid cycles.  


  Considerations for CRP success:

  1. Focus on modeling business scenarios rather than individual requirement fit-gap.
  2. CRP iterations are short sprints demanding business decisions and execution in much shorter cycles than traditionally done.
  3. CRP workshops bring business, IT and delivery teams in sync with solution. Hence these are best executed by consultants with advance capabilities in business understanding, application knowledge and delivery skills.
  4. Rapid value driven delivery with tight change control & governance.


Benefits of Scenario driven delivery using Conference Room Pilots:

  • Speed and quality – better, faster and cheaper delivery
  • Opportunity for innovating, learning and improving in between delivery cycles
  • With rapid iterative cycles, IT service providers can move beyond implementation to support users in technology adoption and consuming value from IT investments.


Coming in next blog >> Types of CRPs, Details of each CRP