Great MVP Summit

During the last 2 days (specifically Friday & Saturday), the VC team met with some of the VC++ MVPs in Redmond at the MVP global summit. It was great to meet all such folks from all over the world. The team organized a deep dive day to discuss the future of C++ and the challenges facing the team. There were a total of six sessions starting from the VC++ 2005 post mortem session and all the way to the IDE design session. Most of such sessions were discussion ones where great feedback was gathered from our valuable MVPs. Personally, it was great to meet such folks in person and share their experience with the product and their visions for the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the MVPs who made it to the summit. I know that some folks traveled a really long distance to be there and I want you to know that we really appreciate and value your interaction with us. As for the folks who weren't able to make it, in the coming few days I will be working with our MVP lead Eric Sassman to sum up the major outcome of such sessions and post out for you.


  Ayman Shoukry

  Program Manager

  VC++ Team