Media File Manager

OK, here's the scenario : you have a lot of pictures and videos and it takes a lot of disk space.
If you want to organize and compress them, you will apreciate this tool.

Media File Manager processes given directory arborescence to find pictures and video.
It take the file creation date according to metadata to give an appropriate name.
Then it compresses and resizes pictures with high quality respect. 

Warning : This tool is perfect for my exigences. Be aware that it will loose quality on HD pictures.

Features :

 1) Change file name according to creation date (ex : "DSC976878.jpg" => "2012-09-17 18-28-54.jpg")

 2) Compress and resize picture

Example :

Before  Before
After    After

If you want to compare :

Missing features :

  • Video compression


Just release source code because you have to check it before run the tool :  MediaFileManager 


Important : This code and information are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.