TFS Guide - Know the effective usage of TFS in the real world constraints

This is awesome! A much needed thing has finally arrived. We have been getting request from customer and partner community about How to use TFS effectively in their company/projects with the real work constraint. Thanks a lot to P & P team who worked with the customers and industry partners and finally let this guide out for all of us.

Today morning when I reached office and read J.D.Meier's post, I was really excited looking at the content and reading the first few pages. It has lot of things, not from too much technical perspective (for that we have many blogs, msdn articles, and web casts) but this guide more focused towards ‘How a team/company can use TFS as one product for different activities involved in the SDLC and AM’.

While other articles and blogs talks about technical architecture of TFS or individual features but we were really in need of a guidance which could tell us how all these great technical features will work together for any development team/project. This guide seems to address most of those issues and you will find a very good logical workflow integrating different components of TFS with specific teams like Testing, Development, and Architect etc.

Project Managers and Source Control admins would find these sections of the guide very useful

· Structuring Projects and Solutions in Source Control

· Structuring Projects and Solutions in Team Foundation Source Control

‘Defining Your Branching and Merging Strategy’ sectioncould be usedalong with"Team Foundation Server Branching Guidance" which provides different approaches of Branching in different release scenarios.

That is all by the quick first look at the guide. Well, no too much to comment now. I need to explore the guide more before I do that.

Njoy reading and implementing the guide!