b2clogin.com is now generally available

Hi all,

We are happy to announce that the use of b2clogin.com is now generally available. This feature is the new default way for you to access your Azure AD B2C service. The new domain for your requests takes the form of <YourTenantName>. b2clogin.com. You’ll need to make a couple changes to your existing applications to take advantage of this, the details are here.

By using b2clogin.com you can completely remove any Microsoft branding from your URL (you’ll need to replace your directory name with your id) and it provides you additional benefits such as not sharing the same cookie & header space as other Microsoft properties that use login.microsoftonline.com. As we move forward we will be adding customization capability that will only be available to requests through b2clogin.com.

Please note that we will be looking to deprecate the use of login.microsoftonline.com with Azure AD B2C. Stay tuned for when we announce the dates coming up.


The Azure AD B2C team