Apr 10, 2015


  • Policy expressions . We now support C#-based expressions in policies. Expressions can be used as values in policy attributes and elements. Combined with the brand new¬†control flow and set variable policies, expressions greatly increase the power and flexibility of the policy engine.
  • Control flow policy . Think of it as a switch or if-then-else construct in a programming language. Use it to conditionally apply policies based on the outcome of evaluation of logical expressions referencing request and/or response information.
  • Set variable policy . Use this policy to store a computed value for later re-use within the scope of a single request.
  • Set backend service policy . Use it with expressions to override an API's default backend URL and dynamically route requests based on the information in the request.
  • Self-signed backend certificates . By popular demand, you can now allow self-signed certificated for specific backend host names. This feature is available via API only at the moment.


  • Publisher portal - service name. Service name is now prominently featured on the Publisher portal. This should make it easier for the folks managing multiple API Management tenants to keep track of where they are.
  • Publisher portal - full screen policy editor. To make policy authoring easier we added full screen mode to the policy editor.
  • API Import. We recently introduced the ability to update an API via import as an API only feature. Now you can perform the same task in the Publisher portal.
  • Caching policy. We added an optional attribute allow-private-response-caching to the cache-lookup policy. Set it to true to turn on caching of requests containing Authorization header.


  • Swagger 2.0 import. We dispatched the bug affecting a few customers trying to import Swagger 2.0 documents with missing optional parameters¬†objects.
  • WADL import. We now correctly import request body representations when they are provided.