Dec 17, 2014


  • Australia regions. In response to popular demand API Management can be now provisioned in both of Australia regions. This brings the number of regions where API Management is available to lucky 13.
  • Developer portal blog. Now you can create one or more blogs and make them available on the Developer portal. To start using the feature click on Blog item in the Publisher portal left navigation menu.
  • Must revalidate caching setting. We added a "must-revalidate" attribute to the "cache-lookup" policy. When downstream caching is enabled, use it to turn on or off "must-revalidate" cache control directive in proxy responses.
  • "Products" tab on the API page. You can now view and manage the list of products the API belongs on the API page in the Publisher portal.


  • Proxy performance on larger responses. We significantly improved proxy performance on responses with sizes over a few kilobytes.
  • Code samples. We reviewed and updated code samples on the Developer portal.