Jan 30, 2015


  • Premium tier . We added a Preview of the new, high-end tier. Each Premium tier unit includes five times larger quotas than a Standard unit and can handle a substantially higher request throughput. On top of that Premium tier offers advanced features such as Azure Active Directory integration, Azure VPN support, and multi-region deployment.
  • Multi-region deployment . Bring your APIs closer to your customers by geo-distributing API management across multiple Azure datacenters and scale them based regional demand.
  • Azure Active Directory support . Enable your employees and partners to sign in to your API Management service using their corporate credentials.
  • Azure VPN support . Securely connect your API Management service to your backend web services located on-premises or in Azure and inaccessible to the public Internet.
  • JWT validation policy .  You can use this policy to ensure that a JWT extracted from a request header or query parameter is valid.
  • US Central and US East 2. We added two additional US regions for a total of 15 supported Azure regions.
  • Optional local accounts and admin only access. Publishers can now disable local accounts and allow users to sign in only with selected Internet or corporate identities. Publishers also now have the option of disabling Developer portal sign in altogether, effectively locking down access to the portal to the users coming from the Azure Management portal.


  • Product un-publishing experience. When a product is un-published, users with active subscriptions to it will continue to have access to the product and its APIs until their subscriptions expire or get cancelled.
  • Product pages. On the product pages on the Developer portal we now list APIs included in the product.
  • User subscription management. Publishers now can see and manage user keys and subscriptions in the Publisher portal.