Mar 12, 2015


  • Public products . Now you can make a product public by clearing the require subscriptions checkbox. As a result, subscription key won't be needed to call the APIs included in the product.
  • Robots.txt file. You can now provide instructions to robots crawling your Developer portal by entering robots file content on the Developer portal settings page.


  • API import . We added the ability to update APIs via import. This feature is available via API only at the moment.
  • Management API. We added ability to filter entity collections on one or more entity properties. See GET /apis documentation for an example.
  • Cross domain policy. We made cross-domain policy a lot more flexible by allowing you to specify granular cross domain access rules using Adobe's Cross Domain Policy File format.
  • JWT validation policy. We simplified validate-JWT policy snippet and added first-class support for tokens issued by Azure Active Directory and Mobile Services.
  • Azure Active Directory groups support. Premium tier customers who use Azure Active Directory as an identity provider for the Developer portal can now assign product visibility directly to groups within Azure Active Directory.
  • Developer console. We improved header entry on the developer console.