May 5, 2015


  • Set body policy . Use this policy in combination with expressions to make changes to the request and response bodies, e.g. filter information based on caller identity.
  • Per subscription analytics. We enabled per subscription reporting capability in the API and Publisher portal.


  • Publisher portal - API Import. We made import errors more specific and actionable.
  • Publisher portal - API Import. Our WADL import is now more robust and forgiving of vendor extensions.
  • Developer portal - Documentation and API Console. In are better layout, HTTP verb labels, auto-complete for common headers names, tabbed code sample gallery, and more!  
  • Validate JWT policy . Now you can configure a custom status code and message to return on token validation failure.


  • Proxy. We heard comments about us not including a www-authenticate header in responses to requests lacking a subscription key. We do now.