Sep 5, 2014

  • Developer portal sign up. Simplified password complexity requirement for developers choosing to sign up by creating a local account. Now the only constraint imposed on a password is its length which should be eight or more characters. Coupled with visual feedback on the strength of the entered password this change makes for a better sign up experience.
  • Developer portal operation console. We preselect the first available subscription key in the console and save developers a few seconds when they are trying to send a request to an API. We also remember selected or entered key for a given API for the duration of the browser session. 
  • CORS policy.  We added support for "*" value in allowed-methods and allowed-headers elements of the policy.
  • Azure API Management REST API. In addition to JSON, reports now can be obtained in the delimited text format by specifying text/csv in the Accept request header. This allows the data to be easily loaded into a spreadsheet application.
  • Performance. We put some effort into improving portal performance and are happy to report that according to our conservative assessment portals should respond 2-3 times faster than they used to, especially in the Developer tier.