Windows Azure Application Gallery Principles

The Windows Azure Application Gallery makes it easy to explore, discover and install popular community ASP.Net and PHP applications on Windows Azure Platform for  both Public and Private cloud . Users can browse and view applications for different types of Web sites, ranging from photo galleries to blogs to ecommerce sites. To be part of the Windows Azure Application Gallery, developers should follow these principles, which establish a consistent, quality user experience:

  • Be Current: The application you provide a link to must be the latest, stable final release version available, hosted on a publically available Web URL.
  • Provide an Entry Point Free of Charge: The application Azure App Gallery must provide an entry point free of charge and fully functional without time restrictions. You are welcome to charge for professional support or consulting services and/or provide an enhanced, enterprise version of the application for purchase on your site. We will be happy to provide a link to your commercial products and services from your page in the Windows Web Application Gallery.
  • Be Compatible: The generated and configured application deployed from Azure App Gallery must also run on any Windows OS.
  • Be Hostable: The application to which you provide a link must run well in a shared hosted environment as well as when the user has administrative rights for the computer. The application MUST support running in Medium Trust
  • Be Deployable: The application must integrate with Microsoft Web Deploy as described in the Microsoft Web Application Packaging Guide, and run with the Microsoft Web Platform Installer v4.5 and Web Matrix 2.
  • Be Supported: You must provide a publicly available Web site where end users can download your application, find documentation and/or get free on a best effort basis support through a forum.
  • Be Platform Independent: The application to which you provide a link must be able to run on all platforms: x86, and x64.
  • Be Inclusive: If your application is included in the Gallery, you should include a statement of availability in the Azure App Gallery on the application community’s Web site.
  • Be Safe: The application to which you provide a link must not harm customers or be malicious, dishonest, destructive, invasive, or act in any manner restricted by the Web Gallery Application Submission agreement.
  • Be a Web App: The application to which you provide a link must be a Web application that can be used to generate a working, usable Web site after deployment without requiring code or customization.