NEW WHITEPAPER: Demystifying mainframe to Azure migration

Customers are looking for a mainframe alternative capable of delivering equivalent functionality and features without the drawbacks and costs. This paper covers the major IBM z/OS mainframe components alongside their Azure equivalents and is designed to help you complete the critical first step of moving to the cloud. It also provides a road map for starting the conversation with IT decision-makers who subscribe to outdated mainframe philosophies.


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Basic table of contents (ToC):

  1. Introduction
    1. Intended audience
  2. What is a mainframe?
    1. Mainframe myths and facts
    2. Mainframe strengths
    3. Mainframe weaknesses
  3. Why Azure makes sense for mainframe applications
    1. MIPS vs. vCPUs
    2. Mainframe costs vs. Azure
    3. Mainframe storage
    4. Mainframe transaction processing
  4. Migrating mainframe workloads to Azure workloads
    1. Moving mainframe data to Azure
    2. Planning the migration
    3. Understanding mainframe data: Db2, VSAM, IMS DB
    4. Mainframe operations
    5. Integration between the mainframe and Azure
    6. Mainframe high availability
    7. Mainframe backup and recovery
    8. Mainframe development and testing
    9. Value of Azure
    10. Partner solutions on Azure
  5. Summary
  6. Learn more


Written by Larry Mead from AzureCAT. Edited by John Kaiser. Reviewed by Benjamin Guinebertière.

Download the whitepaper here.



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