NEW E-BOOK: Install TmaxSoft OpenFrame on Azure

In this 44-page e-book, Steve Read (AzureCAT) and Manoj Aerroju (TmaxSoft) explain how to set up a TmaxSoft OpenFrame environment suitable for development, demos, testing, and production workloads. OpenFrame makes it easy to lift your existing mainframe assets and shift them to Azure. By moving your mainframe workloads to the cloud, you can modernize your infrastructure, benefit from the scale of Azure, and minimize drawbacks associated with mainframes.

Install TmaxSoft OpenFrame on Azure

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Table of contents (ToC):

  1. Introduction
    • Azure system requirements
    • Prerequisites
    • Set up a VM on Azure for OpenFrame and Tibero
    • Set up the environment and packages
  2. Install the Tibero database
  3. Install ODBC
  4. Install OpenFrame Base
  5. Install OpenFrame Batch
  6. Install TACF
  7. Install ProSort
  8. Install OFCOBOL
  9. Install OFASM
  10. Install OSC
  11. Install JEUS
  12. Install OFGW
  13. Install OFManager
  14. Learn more


This eBook was authored by Steve Read (AzureCAT) and Manoj Aerroju (TmaxSoft). It was edited by Nanette Ray. Download the eBook here.


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