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Recently the Microsoft Azure Documentation team built out the Sovereign Cloud tab pivot:

That includes the US Government, Germany, and China  (via 21Vianet).

The newest content set in the Azure Sovereign Clouds, is Microsoft Azure China 21Vianet:


This content was built by AzureCAT, including Herb Chung and Edwin Cheung from our China team. My team worked on editing, reviewing, and publishing this content for the English audience.


Microsoft Azure operated by 21Vianet (Azure China 21Vianet) is a physically separated instance of cloud services located in mainland China, independently operated and transacted by Shanghai Blue Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. ("21Vianet"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing 21Vianet Broadband Data Center Co., Ltd. +

The services are based on the same Azure, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Power BI technologies that make up the Microsoft global cloud service with comparable service levels. Agreements and contracts for Microsoft Azure in China, where applicable, are signed between customers and 21Vianet.


Some of our key content sections:


The Azure China content set includes a Developer Guide:



We're proud to offer a high-quality experience for our customers in China!


Thank you for checking out our new content set!

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