Ad-hoc query support in Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio

Developers using Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio can now create single U-SQL scripts without first creating a solution or project.

When working with a data lake it is often necessary to run ad-hoc queries. Developers need to verify a part of code logic or run quick experiments, admins may view database catalogs or extract one-time data. Previously developers wanting to run such scripts using VS still had to create a solution or project first. Now they can simply create a temporary U-SQL query without any parent project and solution.

To use this feature, right click the ADLA account in Server Explorer and click Write a U-SQL Query to create a temporary U-SQL script and start working. The selected ADLA account will be filled into the script submission configuration automatically, and the current solution and project context in Visual Studio will be kept. After finishing ad-hoc work, developers can just close the temporary script, or they can save the script to other location for further consuming through File > Save <temp script name.usql> As… .

Known limitation

Submitting a U-SQL script without project to local account is not supported. Please vote the request here if you think it helps your daily work.

Feel free to contact us at if you have problems or feedback, we shall be happy to hear your voice.