HDInsight : BUILD Hive Lab is available now

Got some time to learn Big Data Technologies? How about starting with Hive which is considered the de facto standard for SQL queries in Hadoop
We just released  HDInsight labs used during the BUILD conference code challenge. You will need 2 things to run these labs
1- HDInsight Cluster - How to create?
2- Step by Step Instructions - Lab Instructions Apache Hive is a data warehouse system for Hadoop. Hive enables data summarization, querying, and analysis of data. Hive queries are written in HiveQL, which is a query language similar to SQL.

Hive allows you to project structure on largely unstructured data. After you define the structure, you can use HiveQL to query the data without knowledge of Java or MapReduce.

HDInsight provides several cluster types, which are tuned for specific workloads. The following cluster types are most often used for Hive queries: