How to Save Money and Control Costs with Azure Data Lake Analytics

Where there is great power there is great responsibility
-Winston Churchill

Azure Data Lake Analytics with its serverless approach and scale-up U-SQL query execution puts a lot of power in developers hands. As you start exploring what is possible with Azure Data Lake and your datasets start growing, it becomes ever more important for developers and administrators to a develop a sense of what they are spending on big data and how they can most efficiently use their budget for big data.

Because serverless & U-SQL are relatively new, for many of you getting a solid foundation about cost and efficiency as it relates to ADLA is a struggle. The expertise and experience is still building up in the community.

To help accelerate this process, we've spoken to a lot of you out there, collected the top questions and experiences, and used everything we've learned to creat a document that is a MUST-READ for every ADLA developer and adminstrator.

READ THE DOCS: How to Save Money and Control Costs with ADLA.

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