Azure Bootcamp Workshops


As a new CSA I got to attend Cloud Bootcamp in Seattle couple of weeks back. The highlight of the bootcamp for me were the workshops and hackathons.

The 4 workshops I did were around coming up with solution architectures for –

1) Lift & Shift – Moving a procurement application to Cloud while majority of datacenter for the customer is still in-house. On premise connectivity with ExpressRoute, designing RBAC & network on Azure, setting up SQL Server & migrating by backing up & restoring in cloud, setting up mid-tier (application gateway & webservers) & migrating using ASR.

2) Modern Cloud Apps – Deploying an e-commerce & customer support website on Application Service. Azure Queues were used to integrate with backend inventory system, logic app was used to call Twilio connector to send SMS, offers on the website through App Service API so that it can scale independently. For HA & DR, SQL Database was created with geo-replication & application services with geo-distribution, storage was set up as Read Access Geo Redundant.

3) Big Data & Visualization – Giving an airline customer probability of delay of a flight based on weather and past data. Load historic weather & flight delay data into Blob storage, explore & prepare it using HDInsight Spark, train a model in Machine Learning, make the model available on airline website for as a webservice and in a power BI report.

4) IoT – Collect & analyze smart meter 30min interval data. Receive messages from smart meters on IoT Hub, pull data using Stream Analytics, run real time queries for events of interest and publish to SQL for viewing on web site. Stream analytics also sends data to blob storage for HDInsight spark based batch analysis  and publishing to SQL for historic reporting.

The hackathon I did was around the IoT scenario. They gave all the steps in the guide so it can be used for running hands on workshops.

This bootcamp is available to partners so would highly encourage them to attend. For education institutes, please work with your account team (or contact me) to get the Solution Architectures or hackathon guides if needed.