Azure Education Governance Series

One of the challenges education customers face when starting to adopt Azure is understanding how they can effectively use services and still address the need for governance.  In our experience, customers that address governance early on in their public cloud journey have a higher probability of success while reducing compliance/security issues that typically arise from business units bypassing enterprise IT for cloud services.

In this video blog series we will follow Contoso Education, a fictitious University with a strategic goal of improving student outcome by leveraging cloud technology.  Contoso Education was able to accelerate cloud adoption by following the Azure Education Governance Series.  The video series is tailored to education customers based on many real world engagements by the presenting team.  It follows prescriptive subscription governance as published in the Azure enterprise scaffold article.

One of the main goals of this video series is to provide simple steps to adopting Azure governance in hopes of reducing the typical "analysis paralysis" that can slow adoption.  As you see below we have broken down governance into a series of  topics that are short and easy to consume at your own pace.  Hope you enjoy!\_KW8Ycrn8\_kEeRRnA\_pEvVR7vA\_L95Mo