Documentation for Azure Germany

We are pleased to announce the availablility of Azure Documentation for Azure Germany. Starting April 22nd we added a new branch to the Azure Documentation pages to describe the differences developers and IT professionals have to take into consideration when accessing Azure Germany. When opening the Azure Documentation pages, select the last topic "Other Clouds", and - aligning with Azure Government and Azure Stack - you will find the starting point for Azure Germany. If not, please change your browser language to English at the bottom of the page or use this link (localization of those pages is at work).

The documentation already covers Compute, Network, Storage articles as well as web apps, database, IoT and a lot more, and will continue to grow in the next weeks.

We hope you find this pages usefull for your journey to Azure Germany. We would like to encourage you to send us your feedback about those articles as well as suggestions for further documentation, either here or at the bottom of each of the Azure Documentation pages.