Mobile Services node.js backend updates – Mar 30 2014

Here’s a list of some changes to the node.js runtime which went to production, in the version of the runtime:

  • Fix for a bug in the Google and Azure Active Directory authentication which caused an intermittent signature validation failure: this was mentioned in this forum post.
  • Changed a behavior in the runtime for tables with integer ids regarding “id” property in POST (insert) requests: before, any POST (insert) request for tables with integer ids would fail if there was an “id” property in the body of the request. Since the id of such tables could not be determined by the client, it was considered an invalid request (rejected before it would arrive in any user-defined scripts for the insert operation), and the client SDK would remove the “id” property in those requests. There were some scenarios, however, in which this was not happening (as described in this forum post), so the runtime now works as follows:
    • All POST (insert) requests, even those where the “id” is specified, will reach the user-defined script for the insert operation.
    • If there is an “id” property, the insert request request will be considered valid if the value of that property is “false-y”. That means that sending an insert request with "id":0, "id":"" or "id":null will now succeed. If the value of the property is not false, then the request will fail (as it would before).
  • Temporary SQL errors due to throttling now should appear in the user logs.

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