Meteor 1.4 App on Azure App Services

Meteor is a full-stack JavaScript platform for developing modern web and mobile applications. Meteor includes a key set of technologies for building connected-client reactive applications, a build tool, and a curated set of packages from the Nodejs and general JavaScript community.

This Blog would help you create a sample meteor app in local environment and later we would help you move sample app to Azure Web Apps

Creating Sample Meteor App:

Use Below command to install meteor on local environment

 curl | sh

Check for your meteor version. we highly recommend using > 1.4

 meteor --version

Use Below command to create a sample meteor app

 meteor create simple-todos

Above command would create a new folder with few files for our sample app as in below screenshot

Meteor App

Using Demeteorizer to convert app into node.js format

Use below cmd to install Demeteorizer

 npm install -g demeteorizer

Navigate to your meteor app root folder and enter below cmd


It would create a new .demeteorized folder
Demeteorized App

Navigate to .demeteorized/bundle/programs/server using below cmd

 cd .demeteorized/bundle/programs/server

Please Use npm > 3 if you are getting any  long path issues.. Use NVM( to easily change node/npm version in local environment.  

Enter below cmd to install all the required node.js modules

 npm install
Running App on Local Env

Use below cmd to execute demeteorized/converted nodejs app in local environment

 PORT=8080 ROOT_URL=http://localhost:8080 npm start

Local Meteor

Moving App to Azure

Create a new web app on azure and Setup continuous deployment and get the git url. Below link has details on it

Add below app setting to your web app inside Azure portal App Settings
Value : web app url(ex:

Create a web.config file @ .demeteorized/bundle/ and insert below link content web config file

Navigate to .demeteorized/bundle/ folder and Commit your changes to WEB_APP_GIT_URL

 git init  
git add .  
git commit -m "initial commit"  
git remote add samplemeteorapp WEB_APP_GIT_URL  
git push samplemeteorapp master  

web config file