Get free hands-on experience with OMS Security and Compliance

imageCloud has changed a lot of things, and many of them for the better.

But one thing that I’ve heard, and experienced myself, is the frustrating experience of getting realistic hands on experience with some cloud service offerings.

In the on-premises days we’d have an enduring lab environment that had dozens, maybe hundreds or even thousands of virtual machines. This lab provided a reasonable facsimile to what our production environments looked like, and we could introduce new products and see how they get along with the lab. We could really kick the tires and see if any of them fell off Smile

With cloud, it’s a little harder and a little easier to do this. It’s easier because automating lab deployment is easier than ever in Azure. It’s a little harder, because some of you don’t or can’t sustain ongoing large lab environment costs for testing new services. It’s a mixed bag and it works for some of you, and no so much for others.

Well, we think we have a good answer for you when it comes to testing OMS Security and Compliance!


A lab pre-created for you that looks like a real production environment:

You will log-in as an administrator for an enterprise organization, Contoso. The environment has 500 servers, running on-premises as well as the cloud – in both Azure and AWS. The on-premises system is managed by System Center, and the key workloads being monitoring include; Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, and even MySQL running on Linux

Head on over to the Operations Management Suite Experience Center and check it out!



Tom Shinder
Program Manager, Azure Security
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