How Azure Security Center Secures Your Azure Security Center Data

imageThat’s sort of a mouthful, isn’t it? Smile

Many people we talk to want to understand how Azure Security Center secures the data it uses to help secure the workloads you deploy in the Azure cloud. These people know that some of this information is sensitive and require that this information is secured from end-to-end.

In order to provide the advanced prevention, detection and response capabilities we have in Azure Security Center, we need to store a lot of information in order to use it for analysis:

  • Configuration information
  • Virtual machine and other types of metadata
  • Crash dump files (used in crash dump analyses which can find hidden malware)
  • Event logs
  • Application and service logs
  • Network logs
  • Recommendations we give you
  • Information related to our analysis of your deployment

And more!

This information is obtained from a number of sources, including:

  • Azure services
  • Network traffic
  • Partner solutions
  • Virtual machines

This data need to be protected, and we use a number of methods to protect it:

  • Data segregation controls
  • Data access controls
  • Data access controls
  • Data location controls

Interested in the details on how we do this? Then check out the article Azure Security Center Data Security.




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